Amazon opens its first clothing store

 Amazon opens its first clothing store

Amazon has opened its first clothing store, Amazon Style, in the greater Los Angeles area, signaling its ambitions to make an impact in the apparel market.

Visitors to the store at the Americana At Brand Mall use an app to scan codes across the items on display, eliminating the need to carry a set of clothes, as they are sent straight to the fitting room or sent directly for pick-up for purchase.

The store doesn't have Just Walk Out technology, but there are staff to help you, and the store is focused on making the hassles of trying on clothes less.

Amazon Style features hundreds of brands chosen by fashion makers and reviews submitted by millions of customers who shop on

Scanning a QR code next to an item shows up specific sizes and colors, as well as details like customer reviews and adds the item to a list for later viewing.

Fitting rooms are opened using the app. Staff collect the fitting room and let you know when your clothes are ready to try on.

Each fitting room is also equipped with a touch screen that allows customers to order more items to try or rate the items they have chosen.

Items in-store can be purchased online or in-store, and in either case, they can be returned in-store.

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