iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro: Key Differences to Expect

 iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro: Key Differences to Expect

If you don't feel like carrying a giant Max in your pocket, the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro is Apple's latest flagship phone that's just right for you, but how is it different from the previous generation iPhone 13 Pro? And is it worth upgrading to 14 Pro if you already own a 13 Pro?

iPhone 14 Pro brings very little change to the familiar design of the last generation, with a taller screen and thinner borders around the screen, making the phone a bit narrower and easier to hold in one hand.

On top of that, you get a new, faster Apple A16 chip, faster memory, and an all-new main camera sensor. All this is practically confirmed, but there are other rumors that are no less exciting, even if not quite as certain as a satellite connection that will allow you to send an emergency message even when your phone is out of signal.

Anyway, in this article, we summarize everything you need to know about iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro, and let's start with the differences between iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro in a nutshell:

Thinner borders, higher screen aspect ratio.

Adopting i-shaped instead of slit.

The A16 Bionic chip is faster.

New 48MP main camera.

The starting price will likely be $100 higher.

Possibly, the satellite connection.

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