Opera Officially Launched Free VPN for Android Now Everyone Can Benefit from

 Opera Officially Launched Free VPN for Android Now Everyone Can Benefit from

In a technical world where privacy and security of one's data is an increasingly important concern for users, VPNs are gaining importance at almost the same rate. And that's why we're seeing more and more proposals arrive from heavyweights in the market, like those now arriving from Opera directly on Android phones and tablets.

The company responsible for one of the most complete web browsers on the market now announces the arrival of Opera VPN Pro, a VPN service that is leaving the weeks of testing phase, to become available to all of its users. Most of all, it integrates with the browser itself, so we won't have to do anything unusual to access it.

“We know that VPN services have become an essential part of browsing, which is why we are now offering a free and professional solution to our users. This makes us a unique proposition in the market,” says Stefan Stjernelund, Product Manager at Opera for Android. Thus, Opera VPN is divided into two sides: the free side and the paid one.

The interesting new in the new Opera VPN is that it is completely integrated in the Android browser, because we will have a secure and anonymous browsing solution with just a few clicks on the screen. The solution is divided into two proposals, one is free and the other is a VPN Pro that not only covers the Android world, but will also be available for the desktop browser, which we can use on our PC.

With VPN Pro, we can protect up to 6 different Android devices with a single subscription and our data will be encrypted and protected under an "advanced encryption firewall, regardless of the application used". With regards to our free Opera VPN, we will have a mode of use with no registration and unlimited bandwidth to access more than 3000 private network servers in more than 30 countries on the planet.

To be able to access both free VPN Pro and Opera, we just need to have a device running Android 6.0 or higher and install Opera Browser for Android version 69.

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